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Hotel in Site Guide - Brazil Hotels Guide

The Hotel in Site Guide enrolls more than 17,000 hotels, flats, hostels, resorts, boat-hotel, hotel, ranch hotels, jungle lodges, inn, bed & breakfast and other lodging facilities to 5,700 cities in Brazil. It is very practical search and find the ideal place for your leisure travel, vacation or business trabel to the beach, mountain, historic sites or wetland. Also available is the registry number in Cadastur. The thousands of alternatives available in the Hotel in Site Guide offers an excellent source of information for you to select and book the best option for your trip to Brazil.


How to use thousands of hotels, inns, resorts and other lodging facilitie’s records available in Hotel in Site Guide

  • Address data

    The full address of the hotel is provided on all records, including neighborhood and ZIP code as well as phone and fax from the establishment itself. The phone and fax bookings are also informed, whenever available. The same happens with the e-mail and the website of the hotel (of the hotel itself or the chain to which it belongs).

  • Rates

    This field indicates the lowest rate charged by the hotel. It will be very specific when it received the hotel or it will be approximate when there is no direct information about the hotel tariffs. In cases where there rates shown by the hotel there is also a link labeled "Click to view detailed rates" with various combinations of values. Refer to it whenever available.