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Are you looking for hotel that accepts pets? Here at Hotel in Site guide you identify in a moment, hotel that accepts pet in Brazil and hotels that accept pets in many countries around the world.

HOTELS IN BRAZIL accepting pet

Frequent queries:

  • ou Do yourself a search to find hotels in other cities in Brazil or other types of hosting that accept guests accompanied by animals.

NOTE: check directly with the establishment about permission to take you pet with you, which kind of animals are accepted and other details to stay with your pet in the property. The Guia Hotel in Site strives to maintain current data, but is not responsible for any consequences of using the information listed here. See more details Use Policy .

HOTELS ABROAD that accept pets

> Hotel in Site guide in partnership with Booking.comhelp you when traveling abroad accompanied by your pet. Accessing the’s website you identify the hotel of your interest and booking those accept animals both abroad and in Brazil!

How to do:

  • access and choose the city of your interest. Upon receiving the alternatives, check for the REFINE link on the left side of the screen. Scroll down the column until the item AMENITIES, check the ACCEPT PET option. Ready! Within moments the screen shows the new selection indicating only the hotels that accept animals. The details and conditions for taking your pet with you should be confirmed directly with each establishment.